The SPA Center at Midalidare Hotel & SPA offers: warm indoor swimming pool and Jacuzzi, water-jet chairs, Finnish sauna, Infrared sauna, Herbal Sauna, Turkish and Roman Bath, Wine therapy, Massages, Bar.                                              

Working hours: from 10:00am to 19:00pm - all year round

Price list:

Guests  Price (Monday - Thursday) Price (Friday - Sunday)
External visitors over 14 years  22 BGN  27 BGN 
External visitors from 7 to 14 years  14 BGN  17 BGN 
Hotel Guests  Free Free

* Children under 7 years do not pay entrance fee for the SPA Center.  

* Persons under 12 years are not allowed into the SPA Center unaccompanied.


The SPA Center of Midalidare Hotel & SPA has two indoor pools. The larger pool is 85 squares of water area, with 160 cm at the deepest and 120 cm at the shallowest point. The pool has underwater LED lighting and water-massage section with eight nozzles, Jacuzzi and two water-jet underwater chairs. The water temperature is around 31 degrees. The children's pool is 13 squares of water area with underwater LED lighting and 60 cm of depth. The temperature of the water is 32 degrees. 

Infrared Sauna

The Infrared Sauna is very easy to use. It is not a hot stone sauna but instead uses infrared lamps to heat. The main distinction is that the lamps heat directly the body not the air in the room. They are located at the height of the back and the shanks. Thanks to its relaxing effect and relatively low temperature (55°C) this sauna is suitable for daily use. The infrared sauna is paneled entirely with Finish white pine wood.

Finnish Sauna

The Finnish Sauna is a room paneled with Finish white pine wood where the temperature ranges between 80-100°C and air humidity is between 10-30%. It is heated with special electrical stoves or wood burning stoves heating volcanic stones. The stones accumulate and dissipate the heat and at the same time depart a very subtle aroma which in combination with the pine wood and water added perfumes create unique sensations in the sauna. Mixtures with mint and eucalyptus favorably influence the respiratory tract. The stay in the sauna should not exceed 15 minutes followed by a cooling procedure.  

Herbal Sauna

The herbal sauna is a room paneled entirely with Finnish white pine wood, individual benches and temperature of around 60 degrees. It is suitable for people who cannot withstand high temperatures but want to indulge the beneficial effects of the sauna. A special mix of herbs and spices is placed in top of the volcanic stones, the heat passes through them and releases a rich aroma into the room. The recommendable time of stay in the sauna is 20 minutes. 

Turkish Bath

Traditional Oriental peeling known as "Hammam" is a beautifying procedure that has been familiar for centuries. People start to recognize the beneficial influence of water over the physical and psychological condition as well as the senses, internal organs and systems. The main goal and effect of the Oriental ritual performed in the Turkish bath is to use the effect of steam and heat, to open the skin pores and remove the topmost layer of dead cells from the skin and to expel the toxins from the body through profuse perspiration. To fully benefit from the effects of the Turkish bath, you should have a cup full of freshly squeezed tropical juice in a pleasant and relaxing atmosphere. The Turkish bath also has two hot massaging beds tiled with handcrafted ceramics and a star-studded dome.

Roman Bath

The steam bath transcends us into the exotic Orient where the fairy-tale Scheherazade spends most of her time surrounded by soft splashing sounds of flowing water, damp marble benches and aromatic oils beliving that any town without hamam (steambath) is no town at all. The steam bath was a preferred way of relaxation and rest after strenuous sports and military activities of the warriors. Our Roman bath is designed in a Greek style and the walls are tiled in mosaic. The temperature is around 50 degrees and the air humidity is 100% due to the soft steam.

Wine therapy

Wine therapy is an ancient, reviving beauty and rejuvenating therapy. Women in ancient times used to pamper their skin soaking in baths full of red wine. Ancient Thracians kept their health and beauty using red wine with added herbal extracts. Hippocrates used the "divine elixir" to tone his body and against anemia. Wine therapy heals, rejuvenates, beautifies, improves blood circulation, helps shape your body or loose weight.

Grapes are rich in glucose, fructose, vitamins A, C, P and Group B, vital minerals and amino acids. Because of its useful qualities, grape is called "vegetable milk". Grape and its by-products (grape seeds, vine leaves, dried marc, wine etc,) contain large quantity of polyphenols - active ingredients that help connect the free radicals which as we know are the chief to blame for aging of the body. Polyphenols ensure the rejuvenating and regenerating effect of the wine therapy.

The essential oils of grape seeds contain essential fatty acids that are easily absorbed by the skin, connect into compounds and retain moisture. They contain the strongest natural anti-oxidant known to science.

This luxurious treatment is recommended as an anti-stress therapy with an emphasis on absolute relaxation. It includes:

  • aromatic bath with red grape extract and essential oils,
  • gently exfoliate the entire body with grape seed,
  • wine mask and
  • relaxing massage.

For wine therapy please book two days in advance.

Duration: 90 minutes

Price: 120 BGN 



Type of massage Duration


Partial massage 20 minutes 30.00 BGN
30 minutes 40.00 BGN 
Classic massage 50 minutes 60.00 BGN 
Relaxing massage 50 minutes 60.00 BGN 
Aroma massage  50 minutes 65.00 BGN 
Foot massage 25 minutes 35.00 BGN 
Sport massage  40 minutes 60.00 BGN 
Hammam 90 minutes 100.00 BGN 
Wine Therapy 90 minutes 120.00 BGN 
Luxurious shine with salts Pinotage & Lime  30 minutes 50.00 BGN 
Exfoliation with grape seeds 30 minutes 50.00 BGN 
Relaxing Therapy Pinotage  60 minutes 75.00 BGN 
Bath with elixir of grapes 60 minutes 75.00 BGN 
Wine cream-mask 30 minutes 50.00 BGN 
Oriental peeling in Turkish bath 30 minutes 40.00 BGN 
Soap massage in Turkish bath  55 minutes 60.00 BGN 
Sports massage in Turkish bath  45 minutes 70.00 BGN 


  • Facial massage – 20 min – 30.00 BG
  • Gentle enzyme peeling – 30 min – 45.00 BGN
  • Hydrating facial mask – 45 min – 60.00 BGN
  • Nourishing facial mask45 min 60.00 BGN
  • Therapy for dry & dehydrated skin – 40 min – 50.00 BGN





Upper lip

5.00 BGN


Eyebrows shaping

8.00 BGN

8.00 BGN


10.00 BGN

12.00 BGN


15.00 BGN

20.00 BGN



20.00 BGN



20.00 BGN


10.00 BGN

15.00 BGN


12.00 BGN


Lower leg/thigs

15.00 BGN

20.00 BGN

Whole leg

25.00 BGN

30.00 BGN

Whole body

55.00 BGN

70.00 BGN