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Wine therapy

Wine therapy is an ancient, reviving beauty and rejuvenating therapy. Women in ancient times used to pamper their skin soaking in baths full of red wine. Ancient Thracians kept their health and beauty using red wine with added herbal extracts. Hippocrates used the "divine elixir" to tone his body and against anemia. Wine therapy heals, rejuvenates, beautifies, improves blood circulation, helps shape your body or loose weight.

Grapes are rich in glucose, fructose, vitamins A, C, P and Group B, vital minerals and amino acids. Because of its useful qualities, grape is called "vegetable milk". Grape and its by-products (grape seeds, vine leaves, dried marc, wine etc,) contain large quantity of polyphenols - active ingredients that help connect the free radicals which as we know are the chief to blame for aging of the body. Polyphenols ensure the rejuvenating and regenerating effect of the wine therapy.

The essential oils of grape seeds contain essential fatty acids that are easily absorbed by the skin, connect into compounds and retain moisture. They contain the strongest natural anti-oxidant known to science.

This luxurious treatment is recommended as an anti-stress therapy with an emphasis on absolute relaxation. It includes:

  • aromatic bath with red grape extract and essential oils,
  • gently exfoliate the entire body with grape seed,
  • wine mask and
  • relaxing massage.

Duration: 90 minutes

Price: 145 BGN