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Luxurious shine with Pinotage and Lime 
The procedure includes body exfoliation with Pinotage and lime scrubs, and Hydrating with Cabernet body lotion! This luxurious body ritual includes an exfoliant containing refined sea salt, grape extracts and honey, mixed with lemon extract, lime and sweet orange flavours. The procedure contributes to the softness and tenderness of your skin.

Exfoliation with grape seeds 
The procedure involves exfoliating the body with grape seeds and moisturizing with Cabernet body lotion. Herbs rich cleaning cream with particles of grape seeds refreshes and revitalizes. Your body is polished to a brilliant perfection to absorb the moisturizing effect of the final procedure in the most optimal way.

Relaxation therapy Pinotage 
The procedure includes body exfoliation with Pinotage and lime scrubs, and a relaxing massage with body oil Pinotage. Exfoliant with salt crystals gently removes contamination on the skin. With the help of a special massage technique, you will feel the softness of your deep cleansed and oxygenated skin.

Bathtub with grape elixir 
The procedure includes a body bath with red grape extract and a relaxing massage with body oil Pinotage. Immerse your body in powerful anti-oxidant extracts of grape flakes and vine leaves combined with healing essential oils. Indulge in a sense of well-being and recovery, reaching a state of absolute and therapeutic relaxation. After your bath, your body is polished with selected body oil, Pinotage, for softer and hydrated skin.

Wine Cream Mask 
The procedure includes a wine cream mask for the body and facial and scalp massage with oil Pinotage. The nourishing and highly moisturizing cream-mask includes a rich palette of natural ingredients including: grape oil, sweet almond, lavender oil, neroli and South African chamomile.

"Kesse" oriental peel in Turkish bath 
Exfoliating the whole body with a silk glove and gentle massage movements.

"Soap massage" in Turkish bath 
Amazing interaction of relaxing massage with aromatic foam from natural Turkish soap.

"Sports massage" in Turkish bath 
Deep-woven massage in combination with aromatic foam from natural Turkish soap.

Cosmetic treatments

  • Face massage - 20 min - 35.00 BGN

A Special Offer

when booking Spa treatments in the period  25.03.2024y.– 15.05.2024y.

Valid for days from Monday to Friday/incl./.

Not valid on holidays and package offers!

Type of massage



(Monday – Friday)

Classical massage

50 minutes

45.00 BGN

Relaxing massage

Aroma massage

Sports massage

40 minutes

Luxury sparkle with salts of Pinotage and Lime

30 minutes

49.00 BGN

Exfoliation with grape seeds

30 minutes

49.00 BGN

Wine cream - mask

30 minutes

49.00 BGN

Oriental peeling in Turkish bath

30 minutes

48.00 BGN

Sports massage in Turkish bath

35 minutes

45.00 BGN

*Anyone who has a Hammam, Wine therapy, Relaxation therapy, Grape elixir bath or Sports massage in a Turkish bath receives a second treatment free of charge, choosing between a Facial massage or a Foot massage;

Working hours: from 10:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. You can reserve your massage at the Reception or in the spa center.


Type of massage Duration Price
Partial massage
30 minutes 55.00 BGN
Classic massage 50 minutes 85.00 BGN
Relaxing massage 50 minutes 85.00 BGN
Aroma massage  50 minutes 85.00 BGN
Foot massage 25 minutes 45.00 BGN
Sport massage  40 minutes 85.00 BGN
Hammam 90 minutes 125.00 BGN
Wine Therapy 90 minutes 145.00 BGN
Luxurious shine with salts Pinotage & Lime  30 minutes 63.00 BGN
Exfoliation with grape seeds 30 minutes 63.00 BGN
Relaxing Therapy Pinotage  60 minutes 95.00 BGN
Bath with elixir of grapes 60 minutes 95.00 BGN
Wine cream-mask 30 minutes 63.00 BGN
Oriental peeling in Turkish bath 30 minutes 60.00 BGN
Soap massage in Turkish bath  55 minutes 85.00 BGN
Sports massage in Turkish bath  45 minutes 99.00 BGN


Types Women Men
Upper lip 5.00 BGN  
Eyebrows shaping 8.00 BGN 8.00 BGN
Armpit 10.00 BGN 12.00 BGN
Hands 15.00 BGN 20.00 BGN
Back   20.00 BGN
Chest/belly   20.00 BGN
Waist 10.00 BGN 15.00 BGN
Triangle 12.00 BGN  
Lower leg/thigs 15.00 BGN 20.00 BGN
Whole leg 25.00 BGN 30.00 BGN
Whole body 55.00 BGN 70.00 BGN