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A Special Offer when booking Spa treatments in the period 25.03.2024y.– 15.05.2024y.

Dear guests,

you can take advantage of a special offer when booking Spa treatments in the period  25.03.2024y.– 15.05.2024y.

Valid for days from Monday to Friday/incl./.

Not valid on holidays and package offers!



Type of massage



(Monday – Friday)

Classical massage

50 minutes

45.00 BGN

Relaxing massage

Aroma massage

Sports massage

40 minutes

Luxury sparkle with salts of Pinotage and Lime

30 minutes

49.00 BGN

Exfoliation with grape seeds

30 minutes

49.00 BGN

Wine cream - mask

30 minutes

49.00 BGN

Oriental peeling in Turkish bath

30 minutes

48.00 BGN

Sports massage in Turkish bath

35 minutes

45.00 BGN

Anyone who has a Hammam, Wine therapy, Relaxation therapy, Grape elixir bath or Sports massage in a Turkish bath receives a second treatment free of charge, choosing between a Facial massage or a Foot massage;

Working hours: from 10:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. You can reserve your massage at the Reception or in the spa center.

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